5 Things you learn when you leave home to travel the world

There are some things that sitting in a classroom cannot teach you. A teacher can’t prepare you for hailing a taxi in the bustling streets of Mexico City or how street food stalls in Bangkok help save a lot of money. Leaving home to travel the world, while intimidating and scary, is one of the most life-changing and rewarding things a person can do.

Beyond learning about new languages and cultures, travel will teach more life lessons than any college degree can. Here are five things you will learn about life, the world and yourself when you pack up to leave home and travel the world.

1. The Lighter The Better

Travel teaches you just how little you need on a daily basis. Imagine being able to carry all of life’s necessities on your back!

You learn you don’t need that hair styling tool or those odds and ends living in the drawer next to your bed. You’ll learn you can have incredible experiences and live your best life no matter what items are filling your shelves. Believe it or not, you don’t need as much as you think!

People all around the world live with very little and you can too. Check out Minimalism documentary to get inspired.

2. Go With The Flow

Travel will test your patience as nothing else will. Between the language barriers, cultural differences and the inevitable reality of lost baggage or cancelled flights, you eventually learn how to roll with the punches. Sometimes a monsoon rolls through and ruins your plans for epic sightseeing. Due to a national holiday (you didn’t know about), the seasonal night market you planned on visiting is closed.

Travel is the ultimate teacher of patience when roadblocks get in the way of your original plans. Take a breath and move onto the next restaurant, museum or take the next scheduled bus – it’s going to be okay.

3. Perspective, perspective, perspective

While travelling the world you will meet other travellers and locals with an entirely different worldview than you. Take your time to learn and listen to other people’s opinions and experiences, especially when they differ from your own. Sometimes you learn your point-of-view could use a reality check. Or a previous judgment was heavily influenced by your upbringing and not an accurate expression of your own personal thoughts.

The mind is a powerful thing and travel expands it in so many ways. When you take the time to pay attention to the stories and cultures that surround you,  you’re guaranteed to come home with a new mindset.

4. The World Is A Beautiful Place

From the mountains of Peru to the Temples of Bagan in Myanmar – travel reveals beautiful landscapes all across the globe. Not even National Geographic’s feed or your friend’s Instagram can capture all the beauty across the corners of the world. Beyond the landscapes, travel introduces you to languages and cultures which will challenge your personal definition of what “beautiful” embodies.

5. Who You Really Are

Travel takes you out of your “normal life” and pushes you past your comfort zone. You have the ability to learn more about yourself when the usual constraints and routines of life are taken away. Travel reveals new passions and ways of thinking while teaching tolerance and compassion. Being surrounded by new sights and sounds grants you the ability to discover what makes you “tick”. More importantly, you get to choose who you want to be, without judgment or history attached.

The world is an inspirational place and its wonder can be the best mentor. People rarely come back home after travelling without experiencing a change within themselves. Especially after being exposed to glorious sights, lovely locals and eye-opening experiences. The world is way less intimidating once you get out there! Be warned – once you start travelling you will never want to stop.


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