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Interview: Riku Penttinen, Founder of Nomad Lifestyle

We interviewed the man behind Nomad Lifestyle. The man with a vision of making location independence possible for everyone through entrepreneurship.

Before “nomad” was an internet buzzword,  Riku was doing the damn thing. Leaving Finland at the age of 19 to travel, he has been on the road ever since. Bouncing between countries in Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America, his itchy feet never kept him anywhere for too long.

Staying true to his nomadic urge, he’s continuously travelling to scout for new adventurous locations to host Inspiration Ride, alongside his wife and business partner Ele and the coolest 9-year-old nomad ever, Santi.

Dive into freedom

If I can give you any advice it is: Ditch the commute. Quit the job you hate and start living the life that’s in your daydreams.

I created Inspiration Ride to help you design the lifestyle and business that seems like a fantasy. The beginnings of entrepreneurship can be a little rocky. A lot of things are uncertain and the Internet can be a black hole of online coaches and “6-step” articles promising to take you from zero to hero overnight.

For me combining adventure and learning is the heart of what Inspiration Ride is all about. Through this program we cut the bullshit out of entrepreneurship and break down what launching a remote business is all about. No frilly advice. No fake news. Just the facts of how to build a strong business so you can live anywhere in the world.

I know what you’re thinking… Two weeks and I can finally become a digital nomad? Sounds unreal, but it’s not.

We curated the program based on our own and others experiences when we became entrepreneurs and when it comes to launching your business we can not only give you the best practices but also help you avoid some painful mistakes. Two weeks of hard work, dedication and a whole lot of adventure will definitely help you create the lifestyle you’ve been dying to escape into if you bring in all the will to do the hard work and let yourself be guided.

It’s not a pipe-dream

Anyone can do this. Seriously. Anyone.

But can they scale a business? Expand the marketing and branding of a business? Design an online community to sustain growth and sales?

No. Because staying up all night on YouTube can’t teach how to market YOUR online business, believe in your project or understand the financials of your business. Even the power of the Internet has its limits.

You need support. A team that has your back, a team that has BEEN THERE before.

Starting the journey into entrepreneurship is scary, with roadblocks at every turn and some days will seem impossible but when you have the right support and a solid vision of your business (and not to mention the best business plan built up by 3 amazing mentors) in your back pocket – you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Knowledge is power

In life, we believe that a college degree will open the way to the success we want to achieve. But the key is to never stop learning.

Classroom education only goes so far. Through the Inspiration Ride program we want to uncover: what makes you tick? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Why are you wanting to live this lifestyle?

By learning about the inner-self and the world around you, we believe you can be a better-equipped entrepreneur. Anyone can show you “how” to do something. We want to determine and unleash your “why” and help you build your own “how to”.

This isn’t an online business webinar. This isn’t an e-mail marketing campaign telling you how to launch a 6-figure business in 4 days.

This is real life. Interactive, hands-on learning. With real coaches and mentors who give real advice and help you create exactly what you want, but better.

Back to square one

Day one of Inspiration Ride, we’re going back to basics: Introduction to Entrepreneurship.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are successful businesses. We’ll build you up slowly, ensuring you have the confidence to really be your own boss and make your own decisions.

We’ll expand your idea, turn it into a tangible product or service while shaping you into a business owner that knows their stuff.

From how to legally establish your company, hiring an accountant (we’ll have coffee – don’t worry) and owning your life story to create a brand that’s bigger than yourself – told you we mean business.

Not to mention all the important things in between while also giving you the tools to be able to create that work-life balance that supports the life you envision for yourself.

Work hard, play harder

We’re not going to have you living and learning in these awesome locations and not have some fun! Adventure is apart of the experience. It’s why we travel!

Just like when you head back into the “real world” armed with a new business to run – it’s very important to try new things and take a break from your laptop. Let the creative juices flow!

With every destination comes a new adventure and Inspiration Ride is no different.

Diving in Thailand, Safari in South Africa, skydiving in New Zealand or meditate and find your bliss in Bali, you name it, we’re here to experience it all!

It’s not rocket science

If you want to create a location independent business so you can travel the world while creating a deeper meaning with the places around you – this is for you.

If you have a genius business idea and you don’t know where to start – this is for you.

If you spend your time Googling “how to be a digital nomad” and stay awake watching YouTube videos of wanderlust worthy destinations – this is for you.

This kind of lifestyle is possible.

We’ll say it louder for the people in the back: THIS KIND OF LIFESTYLE IS POSSIBLE.

The digital nomads are not special. They’re just like you – filled with adventure and ambition the only difference is that they designed their own life by making one decision: to just do the damn thing!

Now – own it

You can do this. Armed with the right tools and great support, you can do this EVEN BETTER.

It’s your life. Not your coworker’s life, not the life your parent’s set up for you – YOUR life.

Whether your online business leads you to a remote village in Nepal or the mountains of Tennessee – you have the freedom and the ability to make these decisions and choose your own adventure.

I may be a little biased – but I think the entrepreneurial journey is the greatest adventure you can ever embark on.


Can’t wait to meet you all in the next Inspiration Ride.

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