Nomad Stories: Rosa Puraskivi “I discovered my passion through Tinder”

Born and raised in Finland, I started working at a young age, and like many others, I longed to find out who I really was. Unfortunately, working 12 hours a day and being surrounded by the same people day after day made it quite hard.

After a while, I was sick of my routine and while talking to my dad he asked me, “why don’t you just quit?” To be honest, I never really thought it was an actual option. We are taught  that money and work are all you need in life. But I realized a common mistake we have is making excuses instead of actually stepping out of your comfort zone.

One day, I did it.  I actually followed my dad’s advice. I called my boss, quit my job and started traveling.

I was determined to discover my true self and found out that there is no right or wrong when you are alone, you just need to try and find yourself. What is real? What do you really enjoy doing? Who am I without the pressure?

As funny as it sounds, , I got to dive for the first time through Tinder. Long story short – I swiped right, met a guy and he asked me if I would like to try diving. Honestly, I never thought about it but since I was discovering myself and willing to try new things, why not? I said “yes”, tried it and was HOOKED!

Diving was indescribable.  At first you panic and think you never want to do it again but as you relax and let yourself go in this different kind of world, silent and  mesmerizing, you start to feel yourself and the environment. You get this unreal sensation that makes you feel incredibly fulfilled. And the silence, oh that quietness of your mind is something no other job made me feel before.

Naturally, I fell in love. Signed up for my dive masters and haven’t stopped since. I got to become a mermaid, you know?

I can truly say that I have changed more in a year than in my whole life. I have more honest socializing, I’m always up to try something new, I accept challenges and began to understand that you are never alone and instead part of something, which I had never felt before.  

After I saw the rescue of the boys stuck in the cave in Thailand I really wanted to learn from the rescuers.I flew to Koh Tao, met the Koh Tao Divers and immediately felt a part of their family.  Not only is Koh Tao an amazing diving spot but the whole community of divers here is indescribable.

In Finland I had coworkers but they were unhappy -the only thing on their mind was money. It’s different when you are surrounded by people who share the same passion.

If I can give any advice to someone who is thinking about making the change, starting their own business or changing their life -it would simply be: DO IT. As my dad used to say, “You should go where you get scared.” Step out of your comfort zone, see the World and don’t be scared by something you haven’t seen.

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